Coming in third quarter of 2016….

Now you, too, can create a powerful 30-second self-introduction or “Elevator Pitch” with WowPitch™ — a new app for the iPhone and iPad developed by communication expert, Anne B. Freedman, CEO of Speakout, Inc. The app helps you transform those face-to-face moments of opportunity into powerful connections by guiding you through selecting the right words to describe you and what you offer.

Whether you’re networking for new business, job-seeking, looking for investors or fundraising for your nonprofit, Anne’s cool app makes it easy and fast to prepare your own WowPitch™ introduction.

Ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. What makes me – or what I do or offer – different, special and worth the time to talk to me?
  2. What can I do for someone else, i.e., potential employer, client, a cause or an association?
  3. What will help me be remembered in a positive way – in 30-40 seconds?

The WowPitch™ app helps you answer these questions and more in a systematic, easy-to-follow process that leads to a brief, powerful Elevator Pitch. For best results, give yourself time to try out your WowPitch™ self-introduction, to practice and refine it.
WowPitch™ brings you closer to success whenever you have the opportunity to meet and impress people who could change your life, forever.
Whether you’re job-hunting, trying to land new clients, networking or representing a cause, WowPitch™ is designed to give you the right words, when you need them most.

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